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Jeremiah In August 2006, Japan’s Chrysanthemum Throne celebrated the birth of its first male heir in forty years.

This young boy is the designated heir to the imperial throne, only third in line after his uncle and father.

Despite the harsh message the prophet must deliver, God promises to give him the words to say and His presence as protection.

Not only is God’s word against Judah trustworthy, but His promise to Jeremiah is sure as well.

I would rather have been nibbled to death by ducks than to stand in front of a bunch of reluctant 17-year-olds just daring me to teach them grammar. That should take care of those feelings of inadequacy.

As frightening as those kinds of feelings are, we must never mistake them for reasons to avoid the direction God has for us in life. God had prepared him to be “a prophet to the nations” (Jer. Yet when he heard of God’s plans, he immediately objected, “I cannot speak, for I am a youth” (v.6). God has a plan for each of us He wants us to fulfill; And He'll provide the strength we need To carry out His will.

It is not clear how old Jeremiah was, but it didn’t matter to God. Instead, the Lord provided what Jeremiah would need to succeed: His enablement (v.7), His presence (v.8), and the words to speak (v.9). —Sper God's strength always accompanies God's call.

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He was commissioned as God’s spokesman to His people during a time of crisis.We are introduced to the prophet Jeremiah, whose ministry runs from "the thirteenth year of the reign of Josiah . They have forsaken the Lord and turned to worship other gods. And it is precisely during the history of Judah’s fall into wickedness that God proves His faithfulness by calling Jeremiah as prophet.—Jeremiah 1:8 “I can’t.” With those words, we often dismiss our responsibility to do something God wants us to do.

I distinctly remember my feelings of inadequacy as I stood in front of classes during my student-teaching days in college. If God has a job for you, it’s not you who will be doing it—He will be working through you.

Jeremiah 1:1–19 THE PROPHET'S CALL I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled. God does not give up on His people, even in their disobedience.

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