Dating military navy shirt

19-Nov-2017 18:07

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The first pattern Luftwaffe flight blouse (Fliegerbluse) was introduced in 1935 based on the original tunic which was designed for the DLV or Deutscher Luftsport Verband (German Air Sports League) personnel, the civilian predecessor to the German Air Force.

This tunic was replaced in 1938 with the 2nd pattern service tunic as we see here, with a single hook so it could be worn with an open or closed collar.There were several modifications made from 1935 to 1940, but the basic design remained constant.The most noticeable change was the use of the lighter weight tan cotton twill fabric favored by troops fighting in desert climates....including the DAK.Schl." (Flieger Schule) clearly stamped below in large text.

The Schirmmtze (visor cap) that was purchased with this tunic is stamped "Fliegerschule Magdeburg".

The collar tabs were constructed from a satin rayon with a single gray metal gull, machine sewn to the collar with yellow cotton thread.