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With her bronze skin, bright outfits and tousled jet-black hair, she could be mistaken for a “Jersey Shore” cast member.

Yadegar is wearing Ra Ju’s hot-pink silk bomber, a hot-pink band skirt wrapped to her shins, hot-pink lipstick, pink rouge and turquoise eyeliner shaded by thick lashes.

We were there to experience a ritual, born in the seventh century, of washing and purifying one’s skin.

Up above the glass door was a giant gray, faded dome, made of huge chunks of stone. ” I asked her, as we navigated down a wide staircase with no signs.

In a middle-school typing class, a boy I had a crush on, with green eyes and pale skin, once pounded on the side of his machine and said, “You’re as flat as this computer.” My crush soon faded. I had a hard time understanding what all the fuss was about. I had already started wearing long sleeves in middle school, and had covered my legs since fifth grade.

I would often go to my sister, whom I called Apu in Bangla, for solace and education in these times, lamenting the fact that my chest looked nothing like hers. “It means you can push your boobs together, stick a pencil in between, and the pencil won’t fall.” She demonstrated. When I began to wear hijab, my understanding was that Allah encouraged men and women to be chaste, but called on women to wear hijab in chapter 33, verse 59 and chapter 24, verse 31 of the Quran, where, according to Muhammad Asad’s translation, it said, “And tell the believing women, to lower their gaze and be mindful of their chastity, and not to display their charms (in public) beyond what may (decently) be apparent thereof; hence, let them draw their head-coverings over their bosoms.” I took this a step further by burying my breasts within my hijab to hide my flatness.

They used the platform to show that religious law didn’t have to confine them to baggy skirts and frumpy frocks, as stereotypes claim.

Yadegar’s blog is called Not Without My Heels, and gets a thousand hits a week.

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article claimed the fad was “brewing” and NBC Today wrote a change had arrived on the fashion scene, as “sexy styles take a backseat to classier, more conservative looks.” With bold colors, girlish patterns, curve-hugging silhouettes and luxurious fabrics of velvet and silk, Ra Ju is showing how Los Angeles can be a daring, fashion-forward voice in the modest dress trend where the more well-known New York designers, like Mimu Maxi and The Frock NYC, tend to dominate with their selection of “elevated basics.” The New York styles usually have a minimalist aesthetic with neutral palettes and safer, simpler cuts. So they’re making pieces that are easy to produce and more popular. People are encouraged to do what they want.”Hints of the movement first began to show in the mid-aughts when Orthodox women interested in style launched personal blogs.It asserted modesty translates to elegance and femininity, an outlook long held by Orthodox designers.“The modest movement has taken over. Ra Ju’s next move is to target the secular world and move away from being a solely Jewish brand.