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16-Oct-2017 10:33

Charlton was also convicted of theft in 2009, according to Montana Department of Corrections records.Charlton is being held on million bail in King County jail.Meanwhile, a Renton woman whose children go to school with Lyne’s daughters launched a Go Fund Me page for them that has raised more than 5,000 as of Wednesday evening.“Many have help spread the word looking for this mother and now the worst has come true,” wrote Melissa Korda, the fundraiser’s organizer.“Ingrid left behind many that loved her, but most importantly her 3 daughters are now without a mother.Charlton was convicted of misdemeanor assault in 1997 and misdemeanor battery in 2009 in Idaho.He was found guilty of marijuana possession in 1997 but the charge was deferred upon completion of a drug program, according to the .“He noticed there was weight in the recycling container and emptied the contents onto the lawn,” police wrote.The man was shocked when he peered at three “translucent” plastic bags and “could see a foot inside one of the bags.”The owner dialed 911 and responding cops made a “small incision” in one of the bags.

Lyne’s 2015 silver Toyota Highlander was gone and she “did not answer” his repeated calls.

and said Lyne was acting ‘weird,’” before being unable to shed any more details.

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